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Posted on: April 1st, 2012

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  Statins: Pro or Con

  Antibiotics in Livestock


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April 2012


I hope your Spring is off to a good start.  It’s a time of renewal.  Evidence of growth is all around us.  If you’re like me, you may sense a feeling of optimism and inspiration.  I hope you’ll take time to reflect on the quality of your life, especially your health.


To get you started I’ll share Dr. Wayne Dyer’s opinion of chiropractic. Then I’ll give you something to wrap your analytical brain around: Dueling opinions about statin therapy for cholesterol.  Then antibiotics in your meat and, the latest drug therapy, Stoogesta.  Finally let’s put it all into perspective with the Scale of the Universe.


When you’re done, give us a call and get yourself an adjustment.



Dr. Wayne Dyer on the Chiropractic Profession

Here’s a video of Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally best-selling author of more than 30 books including The Power of Intention, sharing his views on the status of the current health care paradigm and the role of Chiropractic in the shift away from that current health care model.

Dr. Dyer


Should Healthy Men Take Stains?  Opinions May Vary

I know you pay close attention to my in-office pontificating. So you’ve got a pretty good idea of my stand on the proliferation of lifetime medications such as statin therapy for cholesterol lowering.


The conventional wisdom pro-statin camp has been under increasing pressure lately.  The latest trend in healthcare analysis is using meta-analysis (reviewing the best quality studies all together) to form a consensus opinion.  The statin outcomes have not been so promising and the risk associated with statin use need to be put into perspective, especially if the risk out ways any benefit.


So this month JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) published dueling opinions about taking statins.  It is a very interesting idea and I applaud their open discussion.


Here’s the question they asked: Should a 55-year-old man who is otherwise well, with systolic blood pressure of 110 mm Hg, total cholesterol of 250 mg/dL, and no family history of premature CHD(coronary heart disease) be treated with a statin?


Here are the opinions:


Against taking statins



For Taking Statins


If you care to, after you’ve read the articles, let me know. Then you get my opinion.



FDA Ordered to Restrict 

Livestock Antibiotic Use

This seems like a no-brainer.  Eighty percent of antibiotics are used in animals.  80%!  Antibiotic resistance is considered a significant health crisis.  So maybe we should reduce our exposure in our food right?  I found the interesting point made was that the FDA had to be ordered to implement a program to reduce antibiotic use. 

Read More



Stoogesta Rx: It’s Not for Everyone 

Some might think you suffer from this disorder, but I doubt it.  Take a look at the ad that CBS refused to air because it might upset their other drug advertisers.  I’m not kidding.



Scale of the Universe

This is a very, very cool website that will give you an idea how everything in the universe measures up to each other.  Let the website load then scroll back and forth.  From a Plank Length to the size of the observable universe.  It puts the analogy “a pimple on the butt of an elephant” to shame!




Tempurpedic Mattress Promotion

As you may know, I sell and use the Tempur-pedic NeckPillow.  We also have professional pricing on Tempur-pedic Matresses.  From now until May 11, if you order through our office, you’ll receive free shipping as well as a free matress protector.  You always get the 90 trial and a full money back refund if you’re not happy.  If you’re in the market for a Tempur-pedic mattress, let us know and we’ll price it for you.


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