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Posted on: November 2nd, 2013

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 Heart Disease

 Chiros in Hospitals

 Hold off the MRI

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The Paleo Diet


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November 2013


It’s officially the holiday season.  I was just in Home Depot and could not help but admire the Christmas trees and music!  I’m doing my part with my annual Poinsettia appeal (see below).


Thank you everyone for embracing our new electronic records system.  I never get tired of hearing how much you all enjoy the electronic sign in!  I promise to make it as easy as possible. For those of us of a certain age, be sure to bring your glasses.


Due for a tune up?  I miss your bones.  Use this opportunity to call or go to our website to request an appointment.  




Add Some Holiday Color and Help Kiwanis

It’s time once again for me to make my annual appeal to all you good folks to consider placing an order for poinsettia plants for delivery on 11/30 and 12/14.  These are large plants in a gold foil wrapped pot that come in red, white or pink.   Plants are $25 each and we will deliver to your home or business if you order 5 or more. Order Form


***Due to problem with last year’s quality we have changed our supplier.  We are confident this year’s plants will be what you and I have been used to in the past.


The Real Cause of Heart Disease

I have shared my views with many of you that inflammation is a primary cause of heart disease.  I’ve likely also shared my opinion about the obsession with cholesterol and the overuse of statin medications.  So here is a report from Australia’s foremost science television show, Catalyst, that does a great job of explaining and challenging the idea that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease. Video
Benefits of Having Chiropractic Available 
in a Public Central Hospital 
Here is a report out of Norway recently published in the Journal of Hospital Administration.
Following previous reports on the co-operation between a chiropractor and a central hospital, experiences from the past five years are presented. The objective of this paper is to show that improved management of muscular and skeletal problems within a hospital setting depends on the availability of chiropractic health care as a treatment option.
The following pain groups were sampled: 1) sacro-lumbar dysfunction and sciatic leg symptoms, with or without joint dysfunction and sciatica; 2) myo-fascial referred pain syndromes, frequently caused by peripheral nerve entrapment; and 3) tinnitus, dizziness/vertigo, facial pain, ear plug and swallowing difficulties, frequently caused by biomechanical components. A majority of pain patients, after being subjected to traditional conservative treatment, usually over a period of several years, fail to return to work despite younger than average age.
The only effective procedures seem to be those of chiropractors. In order to benefit from their particular knowledge, public hospitals need to open their doors to chiropractors. For that to happen, determined hospital administrators are needed. 

It’s All Just Practice For What Comes Next



For Acute Low Back Pain: Don’t Rush into an MRI   

A common scenario for those who have acute low back pain, especially if there is any leg pain, is their family doctor or general orthopedist orders an MRI within a week or so.  In my experience when a patient is in acute pain they are anxious to get an MRI.  I try to reassure them that it is better to hold off until a course of conservative care is tried for several weeks.
Well another study has been published in the journal Spine that showed those with work related acute low back pain either with or without radiating leg pain who got an early MRI (before 4 weeks since onset) had much longer rates of disability and, on average, $12,948 to $13,816 higher medical costs than the no-MRI groups.  
The theory behind the higher costs are that the MRI often leads to additional high cost medical interventions.  Most acute low back pain resolves very well in the first 4-6 weeks with conservative care.

Coffee and Tea Anyone?

Here’s good news for all of us coffee and tea drinkers.
Tea consumption, especially green tea, is associated with significantly reduced risks for stroke, diabetes and depression, and improved levels of glucose, cholesterol, abdominal obesity and blood pressure.
Habitual coffee consumption is associated with reduced mortality, both for all-cause and cardiovascular deaths. In addition, coffee intake is associated with lower risks of heart failure, stroke, diabetes mellitus and some cancers. Surprisingly, coffee is associated with neutral to reduced risks for both atrial and ventricular arrhythmias. However, caffeine at high doses can increase anxiety, insomnia, calcium loss and possibly the risk of fractures.
Speaking of tea, I want to say hello to our friends at Bigelow Tea.  I was down in Charleston ,SC two weeks ago and I had the opportunity to tour their tea plantation.  Very interesting and I’m impressed that the Bigelows have not only saved, but revived America’s only tea plantation!

Effectiveness of Rocker Sole Shoes in Low Back Pain

One hundred fifteen people with chronic low back pain were randomized to wear rocker sole shoes or flat sole shoes for a minimum of 2 hours each day while standing and walking. The participants attended an exercise and education program once a week for 4 weeks and wore their assigned shoes during these sessions.


The Results: Rocker sole shoes seem to be no more beneficial than flat sole shoes in affecting disability and pain outcomes in people with chronic LBP.  Flat shoes are more beneficial for LBP aggravated by standing or walking.  


Many patients who have LBP standing and walking are often older and have arthritic changes like spinal stenosis.  Balance can be affected.  I would venture that flat shoes would not only be more comfortable, but more stable for those people.


Puddles the Sad Clown

Here is a video of Puddles the Clown just nailing a cover of Lorde’s Royals.  Sublime.  Video



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